Founded in 2014, Monarch Wave Marketing started with the goal of providing affordable and effective marketing & design solutions to the small businesses that make America great. We believe that small businesses are the backbone of America, and when they prosper – the American dream thrives. That’s why we’re so focused on mom-and-pop shops, corner stores, and local service businesses.

We took a note from the playbook of Henry Ford, and realized that in order to drive prices down to the levels that small businesses could afford while still providing world class service we’d need a virtual assembly line. By breaking parts of projects down between a group of specialist, we’re able to work faster and for a fraction of the cost that some big agencies charge.

We took this assembly line that we’d created at first just for web design, and then applied it to other parts of the marketing mix that a small business would need to grow. This allowed us to quickly add SEO, social media marketing, content writing, graphic design, and PPC to our product line while still providing the level of service and support that our customers had grown to love.


Our Address:

12 E. Exchange St, Floor 2 Suite 1, Akron, OH 44308